West Wiltshire Child Contact Centre

Welcome to West Wiltshire Child Contact Centre

What is a contact centre? 

An impartial meeting place run by trained volunteers, where the children of separated relationships can enjoy the company of their absent parent or other relative in a safe environment.  It is child centred and confidential and is open alternate Saturday mornings by appointment from 10.00 - 12.30pm.

What we offer

Child contact centres are classified into two categories, supported and supervised, so that families can receive the correct level of support in an appropriate environment. We offer supported contact sessions with several families present in neutral but warm, friendly surroundings.

We are an accredited member of the National Association of Child Contact Centres.

Who comes and how?

Anyone who has issues with contact arrangements.

A family may use us for a one-off visit, on a regular basis for a longer period or as a hand over point.

Referrals can be made through a negotiator e.g. the Courts, CAFCASS, solicitors or Children’s’ Family Services or by self-referral.

Referrals cannot be accepted without a completed referral form which is available from the Co-ordinator, plus a copy of any court order if applicable.

When making a self-referral it is necessary for both parties to complete referral forms liaising with the Coordinator.

What parents and carers have said about us:

"Finding the West Wilts Contact Centre has been a real lifeline. My ex and I couldn't agree on contact, she was afraid that I was going to run off with our daughter. The volunteers are welcoming and supportive and in no way do they judge you. My daughter enjoys being at the centre and it has improved our relationship no end."

"I was in a bad place and left my husband and two children.  The support from the Contact Centre, and being able to see my children, means that I am now in a much better place. My husband has cooperated with the contact and I am more hopeful about the future"